Wall Busters

Wall Busters
It wasn’t until I turned sixty years old that I started doing a lot of international travel. I have traveled extensively in the US both for career and vacations. I have always been a man who likes comparisons, so I always ask questions when talking to fellow travelers: What’s your favorite state? Which airline do you hate the most? What’s the best place to eat in that city? Now that I have been to over 13 different countries since I started traveling with WorldLead, I have a lot of friends in the States who ask me, “John, what’s a big difference between the US and the countries you have been to?” I have a ready answer for them: “One of the biggest differences is the walls.”

Most of my friends do not understand what I mean when I say, “It’s the walls” – and that is understandable. I then share with them that in all the countries I have been to, if you have property, you build a wall around it. In the States, we sometimes build fences around our backyards. Most of you know that a fence is for privacy, but it’s not a wall. I share with them that all homes in the countries I visit have walls completely around the homes, including the front yards, and these walls are 2-3 meters high and many have metal stakes, or barbed wire, or even broken glass at the tops. My friends find this very interesting. I tell them that if we drive down a road in a residential neighborhood in Lusaka or Kingston or Novosibirsk, it’s like driving between two continuous walls for blocks at a time, as the wall of one home ties into the wall of the neighbor. However, in relating this experience several times to my friends, the Father impressed something deeper on me: He told me, “John, the walls are just as high in the States.”

Say what? How can that be, Father? I for one do not have a wall around my home, and only have a modest fence around my back yard. The same is true for my neighbors. In fact, if a neighbor puts a wall or even a fence around their front yard, they would be thought rude by the rest of the neighborhood. “I’m talking about the walls people build around themselves to keep other people out, and sadly, to keep Me out” was His answer.


“John, there is no difference between the people in Zambia, or Jamaica, or Siberia, or the US. They are lost and they build walls – many build fortresses.” Then it dawned on me how this applies to the men and women of WorldLead. Your work, no matter how it is expressed, is all about breaking down the walls people have built, and showing them the love of the Father has for them, each one, individually! The men and women of WorldLead are WALL BUSTERS!

Some of you use a soccer ball to break through walls, and others use a fishing boat. Some of you just “show up.” You show up at a rehab center, or a daycare center, and you see walls start to crumble. Bill and I have learned from you, and we have started an initiative at Boca Raton Community Church to start tearing down the walls in our own community.

What I am in awe of is how many ingenious ways our WorldLead brothers and sisters have invented to bring down the walls so the love of Christ can be heard loud and clear.

Some walls seem insurmountable, and indeed if we were alone they would be. But we serve the Lion of Judah, the Bright Morning Star. Feel His presence, stay the course, do not be dismayed.

I feel so blessed that I get to be in service to you, the WALL BUSTERS of  WorldLead.

Posted by John on 30 October 2013