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WorldLead is a leader development process for Christian leaders around the world to prepare them to lead more effectively where God has placed them.

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Why WorldLead?

Inspire • Coach • Lead

Inspire • Coach • Lead

Our vision is to help close the global leadership gap by building future Christian world leaders. WorldLead forms part of a larger leader development triad that includes CityLead to support business leaders and ChurchLead to cultivate leaders in the local church.

WorldLead participants receive:

  • Inspiration toward a growing personal walk with God
  • Coaching in personal life skills of practical applications, improving life and home
  • Robust training in leader development, so they can become reproducing leaders

Our Process

How It Works


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A Wide Array of Powerful Topics to Choose From

The WorldLead process seeks to develop global Christian leaders by expanding skills in leadership of yourself, leadership of a team, and leadership of a movement.

5 different series and 40+ sessions, with more being added!

Making an Impact on Six Continents

Ready to Develop Better Leaders?

Our Process Includes:

  • Video Sessions
  • Multi-Language Training Materials
  • Live Leader Development Events
  • Small Group Discussion & Ongoing Coaching

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